понедельник, 22 октября 2012 г.

 (Извиняюсь, что на английском)

A little reminder for libtcod newbies by Run Hanako (i'm newbie too, if you'll find mistakes in this text, please let me know at apple.horo@gmail.com)

To use the libtcod in Visual Studio you must:

    1. Get the SDL (i used v.1.2.15) with includes and libraries (and the libtcod itself, but it is matter of course) (it's v.1.5.1)

    2. In "VC++ directories":

        In "Include directories" add:

        In "Library directories" add:
            ..\SDL-1.2.15\lib\x86 (or x64)

    3. In "Linker\input\Additional dependencies" add:

    4. In the main.c (or whatever) add:
            #include "libtcod.hpp"

I hope it will help everybody get stuck with initialization, like me.